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Swift Dance is an arts & crafts LARP where players turn a cardboard box into a chimney swift decoy to put on their phone, so they can appear in video calls as birds. It is also a meditation on how capitalism, and the ongoing pandemic, disrupts and shifts the lives of humans and not-humans, and some ridiculous suggestions for how we, in turn, can disrupt the modes of living that are emerging out of these shifts.

The game can be played solitarily or socially distanced through your video call software of choice (or the video call software your boss has you using these days.) It takes about 30 minutes to make a decoy - afterwards, play continues for as long as you want.

Swift Dance was created as part of Dirtball: Governors Island, a soil making game and a love letter to dirt, that you can still donate to if you'd like! Swift Dance was also submitted to the Social Distancing LARP Jam 2: The Second One, even though it's arguably not a real LARP?

Install instructions

PRINTING: The game is available as either a regular pdf or an imposed one laid out for printing as a booklet. If you decide to print out booklets (which we highly recommend!), cut the pages so their height is 140 mm / 5.5 inches, fold each page in half, and bind them together with a stapler or a needle and thread. More arts & crafts!


Swift Dance booklet display version 923 kB
Swift Dance booklet imposition version 896 kB

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